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  • Snibe become the 1st in China who received FDA Cleared on CLIA product

    14th July 2017- Snibe Co., Ltd. receives the FDA clearance on the commercialization of TSH on MaglumiTM 2000 fully-automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system. (US FDA 510 (k), K NO. : K162698) .It is the 1st company in China who received FDA cleared on CLIA product.
    Issue date:2017-10-27
  • Snibe Shows Great Charms at EuroMedlab 2019 in Barcelona

    EuroMedLab Barcelona 2019, the largest exhibition in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in Europe, which attracted more than 5000 participants, was held in Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) from May 19th to 23rd, 2019.
    Issue date:2019-05-27
  • Snibe participated in the Medlab Asia Pacific 2019 as a Diamond Sponsor, Singapore

    MEDLAB Asia Pacific 2019 is held in Singapore from March 26th to 28th. This is a trade show where several main solutions and products about Medical, Oncology, Healthcare Industry, Cancer, Laboratory, Healthcare System, Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Diagnostics and Laboratory Medicine tend to put on.
    Issue date:2019-03-28

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